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Feline Carpal Arthrodesis Case Study

Carpal arthrodesis in a cat to treat a carpal flexure as a result of flexor tendon myopathy.

Tate was referred to me whilst I was still working in Swindon. He had developed a profound left carpal flexure as a result of a flexor muscle myopathy and fibrosis and had also started to show some subtle signs of carpal flexure in the right fore as well.

After ruling out all possible medical causes, including FeLV and FIV, fresh muscle biopsies were taken which were sent by special delivery to Diane Shelton at UC Davis through Torrance Diamond Diagnostic Services (TDDS).

These confirmed fibrosis as a result of a myopathy of unknown cause which had also started to affect the other side to a lesser extent.

Tate was admitted and the flexor tendons of the less affected side were sectioned to release them completely, the grossly affected side was also released and a carpal arthrodesis performed using a trans carpal external fixator to provide rigid fixation.

The fixator was removed after 5 months at which time Tate was walking well albeit with a fixed carpus.