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Bio Orthopaedics

What is the best way to treat OCD, can we get Achilles tendon or collateral ligament injuries to heal faster? 

These are important questions and these treatments may help in answering them but at the same time we must be honest with ourselves and recognise that these techniques do not provide the panacea to our orthopaedic problems and so we will strive to use and develop evidence based treatment protocols in this regard,

We now have available the Arthrex Autogenous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) system which shows promise in the treatment of some soft tissue injuries notably Biceps and Achilles injuries and we also now have available stem cell therapy for some very selected joint diseases such as some ligamentous injuries and some very profound cases of Osteoarthritis. (OA)

Autogenous Stem Cell Therapy

We have now sourced a lab that can provide us with the technology to harvest stem cells from adipose tissue and importantly culture the cells so that we can inject 5 to 10 million cells at a time. There is now some reasonable evidence that stem cells can help in some conditions and we offer their use if other forms of treatment have been deemed inappropriate, cases in which they might be appropriate include very early cruciate ligament failure and shoulder ligament injury. Where stem cells are used we follow case progression very carefully so that we can continue to develop our understanding of the use of this technology. Better evidence base exists for their use in non-unions.


We have an active clinical research interest in the use of bone allografts in animals with massive segmental bone deficits caused by trauma or in limb sparing surgery for neoplasia and osteochondral allografts (entire joint surfaces) for animals with extensive joint disease that cannot be treated by replacement such as talocrural OA or uni-compartmental stifle OA.

These are very novel surgeries and are by no means appropriate for all cases; we liaise closely with other world recognised experts in this field to maximise the clinical success and minimise their inappropriate use.

We are the only practice in the UK (and to our knowledge the only practice outside of the US) to have successfully used a lateral meniscal allograft to treat a dog with a lateral meniscal injury. Further details of allografts and veterinary tissue banking can be found at:

Autogenous Conditioned Plasma (ACP)

This is a novel treatment designed to concentrate platelet growth factors found in the patient’s own plasma.

It involves taking a blood sample and preparing this blood in specially designed centrifuge tubes.

This separates out the fraction of the plasma that is rich in platelet growth factors such as TGF-B1.

The enriched, autogenous product can then be used through direct injection into injured soft tissue structures to encourage healing such as in Achilles tendon injury.

The major advantage of this system is that the process is very simple, quick and relatively cheap and we would be delighted to discuss its appropriateness for a case should you be interested.