Small Animal Orthopaedics and Arthroscopy

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Continuing Professional Development

Education, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and peer review literature.
We are proud of what we can offer at Ridge Referrals, and we consider ourselves at the cutting edge of small animal
orthopaedics but we do not wish to rest on our laurels and we see our obligation to continuing professional
development to be as important as for any other professional.

Peer reviewed publications

Avulsion of the lateral gastrocnemius in a dogs, JSAP

What’s your diagnosis? JSAP

Isolated medial meniscal tear in a Border Collie, VCOT

Letters to the Editor, VCOT

Feline shoulder arthroscopy, a cavaderic study, VCOT

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A retrospective study of the rate of postoperative septic arthritis following 353 elective arthroscopies, JSAP April 2011

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CPD in 2008

March 2008 BVOA satellite meeting, Birmingham

March 2008 BSAVA Conference*, Birmingham

August 2008 Veterinary Advancement in Arthrology Association*, Florida

September 2008 European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Arthroscopy working group

meeting* and main conference, Munich

November 2008 BVOA meeting, Liverpool

CPD in 2009

June 2009 Small Animal Arthroscopy Course (Improve), Swindon*

August 2009 Veterinary Advancement in Arthrology Association*, Florida

December 2009  PennHIP training workshop

December 2009  BVOA meeting Cambridge

CPD in 2010

March 2010 WCVA meeting - The interface of veterinary & medical science

March 2010 Exeter RD&E hospital - seeing practice with human surgeons

May 2010 Small Animal Arthroscopy Course (Improve) Swindon*

July 2010 BSAVA Meeting - The enigma of canine shoulder lameness*

August 2010 Veterinary Advancement in Arthroscopy Association* Florida

September 2010 World Veterinary Orthopaedic Congress, Bologna

September 2010 ARTHREX ACP SYMPOSIUM * Sheffield

CPD in 2011

March 2011, BVOA Meeting- Patella Luxation and Growth Deformities

June 2011, Small Animal Arthroscopy Course (Improve), Swindon*

June 2011, Elbow problems in the dog, can we do more?, Exeter Race Course*

18th and 19th August 2011, Veterinary Advancement in Arthrology Association meeting, Naples Florida
(organised and presented at meeting)*

10th September 2011, Cave Vet Specialists Open Meeting, Wellington (presented)*

28th September 2011, Local Practitioner Imaging Meeting on Hip Dysplasia, Cullompton Rugby Club (presented)* 

9th November 2011, Arthrex, 2nd ACP Symposium, London *

CPD in 2012

25th and 26th February 2012, ACPAT Seminar, Rugby *

11th April, BVOA spring meeting, Birmingham

26th April, Bio-orthopaedics evening talk, Exeter Race Course*

12th May, Canine Unicompartmental Elbow (CUE) course, Leipzig

14/15th June, Small Animal Arthroscopy Course, Improve International Swindon*

9/10th August, Veterinary Advancement in Arthroscopy Association (VA3) meeting, Florida*

CPD in 2013

15th and 16th January. Small Animal Arthroscopy Course (Improve), Swindon*

13th and 14th April, Kyon Annual Seminar, Boston, USA

13th to 15th September. Advanced AO Course, Forelimb. Leeds

27th and 28th September. ESVOT Hip Dysplasia Conference including DPO course. Vienna

1st December. TTA Course, Swindon.

CPD in 2014

3rd to 5th April. BSAVA Conference. Birmingham. Including Abstract Presentation*

12th, 13th, 14th October AO Vet, Advanced fracture course the hindlimbs. Leeds,

24th, 25th,26th October BVOA, Juvenile orthopaedics, Brighton

6th and 7th December, CUE Course, Swindon *

CPD for 2015

March Vet CT Course, Cambridge

April Presentation to XL Vets on use of Stem Cells in Small Animal Orthopaedics * presented

May AO Masters Course on Hindlimb Deformity Correction, Bristol

August Arthrex VA3 Two Day Seminar, Munich

November Arthrex Advanced Elbow and Shoulder Stabilisation Course, Los Angeles

November 3 days seeing practice with Ian Holsworthy, Vet Surg, Ventura, California

November Arthrex GP Hindlimb Stabilisation Course, Los Angeles * Assisted in Practical Lab

Presentation to Patrick Ridge by Arthrex in recognition of course facilitator VA3 2011

*denotes presented / instructed at the meeting as well as attended