Small Animal Orthopaedics and Arthroscopy

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Fracture management

  • Complete trauma management
  • ASIF fixation
  • External fixation
  • SOP locking plate fixation
  • “Traditional” pin and wire
  • Minimally invasive techniques

Fracture management plays an important role in the service we provide to the referring vet.

Trauma cases with complex fractures and other injuries require a high level of nursing care and stabilisation both before and after surgery and particular attention to pain relief is critical to improve patient welfare and outcomes. Because no one fracture is the same, a careful assessment of the mechanical problems and also the soft tissue injuries associated with an individual case is essential for a successful outcome.

We have available a complete range of ASIF fixation, locking plate technology and external skeletal fixation to allow us to address fractures in patients as small as kittens to as large as a Great Dane.

The hospitalisation facilities allow us to provide the level of care needed for these patients both pre and post operatively and this will frequently involve early introduction of physiotherapy in association with the on-site physiotherapists.

Where we can employ minimally invasive techniques to fracture management we do so and use of the locking plates and fixators are particularly beneficial in this regard.

On site rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Free radiography reporting service.